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About Troy Bonar:

"Don't vote for a party, politician, or payouts; vote for principles and protection of the constitution." T.A. Bonar

Your Concerns:

Troy Arthur Bonar, local author, celebrity speaker and award winning safety professional will be seeking the nomination as the Libertarian candidate for US Congressional District 19.
Troy is a proud veteran who served as an intelligence specialist for the USAF. Mr. Bonar has owned and operated business, and worked as an executive business consultant in the big country region for over 20 years. Troy Bonar started working in construction with his father at a very young age. Working on the oil, gas and renewable energy infrastructure was a natural fit after his assignment in West Texas “I grew up miles outside of a small town in Michigan, never thought I would be in the pan handle of Texas, but you have seen the bumper stickers,” he quotes “I wasn’t born here, but got here as fast as I could!”

When asked why did he decide to run? Mr. Bonar explained, “I’m not a politician. I’m a human being who gets up on the same planet as you do. I travel all over the region and just like many of you, I work hard to make a secure future. I see the mess our political system has become. I can no longer sit down and watch as the government destroys our health care, education, economy, progress, spiritual journey, safety, security and global reputation. I am a concerned citizen just like you. The two party ‘Ruling Class’ is failing the American people. I never knew that the libertarian party was the third largest party until about 10 years ago. They rarely teach about the other political options in our schools or give it any media time.

Troy describes himself a Fiscally Conservative Libertarian. “I came from a family of preachers, teachers, missionaries, labor, volunteers, law enforcement, public service and business owners. I have been fortunate and blessed to wear many different shoes, boots and hats in my time on this earth; because of this I can guarantee I am the best candidate West Texas folks have for regaining your freedom and protecting our great nation’s diminishing rights.”

Randy Neugebauer (Republican) will be leaving the seat open after 14 years. This is guaranteed to be an interesting election year as the Red, Blue and now, Gold parties battle it out for this valuable seat in the US House. Troy Bonar resides in Abilene, TX and is currently employed by Buffalo Gap Instrumentation & Electrical Co., Inc. out of Buffalo Gap, TX,

Troy Arthur Bonar (L)  is quoted as stating,  “This could be the spark of significant change we need. This seat will be one of the most valuable in the upcoming election year. People are sick and tired of DC being out of touch with the people and playing two party games with their taxes. Having a Gold Party Libertarian elected will send a message to the other politicians that they must stop playing games and quite manipulating people's religion, race, gender and economic status in order to line their pockets and advance political careers. It is time to start working for the people not just the party!”

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West Texas Libertarian for Congress 

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"People are tired of 2 party politics, yet keep voting for the same thing. It is time to get over your fears and vote for someone different if you want different results."- Troy A. Bonar